Friday, February 9, 2007

July 5th 1946

My father left Cuba and went to Boston, Massachusetts to do his medical internship.
Meanwhile, my mother, his fiance, was still in Cuba awaiting his return. Her father, Jose Jaime Hurtado, a banker in Camaguey, Cuba, did not want my mother to marry my father because he came from such a humble and poor family.
My mother flew to Boston, Massachusetts, joined my father and it was there they were married.


Fran said...

As I do not read Spanish, is it possible to post an English translation of your newspaper articles? I tried enlarging the clips in Photoshop but still was not able to identify any words.

Cyberray said...

I was hoping the Goodle language tools would work but, it doesn't work on such old faded out type.
It mostly gives details of their wedding, who was there, who performed the ceremony.
I can do it later.

Cyberray said...